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06.24.2014 , 11:25 PM | #4
...And where's yellow post in this thread? You're "looking at" related bug when they're in combat after respawn but noone cares that this prevents capping & people are unable to heal up after killing those sins\shadows.

Also. Some DoTs from Balance\Madness specs (and this time I can't say is it only sin\shadow thing or sage\sorc too) are going through Mara\Sent Undying Rage\GbtF skills. Damage is reduced but improperly. 99% reduction, right? I died from 205 dmg hit during UR , while seeing 4,6, 12 etc numbers. Okay, this was a critical hit. Simple math tells that without UR I could be hit for 20500 dmg through full expertise. Everything is WaI, right?
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