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Thanks! I've fixed a few broken links, added some more content and links elsewhere and am working on adding additional builds. Here's a rendition of the popular BLC battle scout, feel free to use this or adapt as you please. I am adding this to my Additional Scout Builds section, since it is a very popular (and effective) build. I'll be adding many more variants over time, now that I have "completed" (maxed out and tested every component on) almost six different ships. I've also managed to dump over 250,000 requisition into both the new ships on both factions (and have now mastered 30+ ships), so there's definitely more to come!


The "OP" but often-fielded battle scout, able to vape any enemy target (including bombers and gunships) almost instantly. Posting this variant because it was the traditional build in the past but Burst/Pods and Burst/Cluster are more popular now. Combine Concentrated Fire (or Wingman) with Targeting Telemetry (or Blaster Overcharge) for devastating laser and missile hits.


Primary Weapon: Quad Laser Cannon (T4 Increased Critical Hit Chance, T5 Increased Shield Damage)
Almost perfectly matches the range of Cluster Missiles. I built this scout to do considerable damage for any range up to 5000m. Quad Lasers deal a great amount of damage. Increased Critical Hit for more damage and Increased Shield Damage again for the same reason listed above.

Secondary Weapon: Cluster Missiles (T4 Increased Ammo Capacity, T5 Double Volley)
Solid close range damage to offset the long range weaponry you are rocking. Increased ammo in T4 helps to offset the consumption of T5ís double volley, which does considerably more damage than Plasma Warheads. Double Volley also allows you to win an attrition war, though both volleys will be able to be broken by a single maneuver.

Engine: Retro Thrusters (T3 Increased Turning Rate)
These are amazing for head-to-head fights, giving you a huge edge with the additional evasion and damage time on the opponent. Retro Thrusters require practice but are quite fun to play with.

Systems: Targeting Telemetry (T4 Threat Evaluation, T5 Precision Targeting)
Increases your burst damage capability substantially. I go with Threat Evaluation to boost my scoutís already extremely high evasion, making it both a defensive and offensive cooldown. Precision Targeting means your Cluster Missile and Quad Laser Cannon criticals will absolutely devastate anyone hit by them.

Shields: Distortion Field (T3 Disable Enemy Missile Lock)
Stacking evasion is still incredibly worthwhile and still the best defense you can get. Since Distortion Field has a base 6 second duration and likely wonít need to use the additional 3 seconds I opted for a second missile break.

Reactor: Large Reactor
More shields to protect yourself with. I find most kills are done through high damage in a short period, which is why I tend to favor Large Reactor over the others.

Armor: Lightweight Armor
Being near obstacles you will typically be able to avoid the deadlier missile locks. Lightweight Armor does a better job of negating blaster, railgun and rocket pod fire than the other alternatives. Too many players utilize armor penetrating weapons, so I opt out of Deflection Armor in all my builds save the Razorwire/Rampart. This stacks with the crew passive, Targeting Telemetry, Distortion Field and Running Interference if you choose to go with it.

Thruster: Regeneration Thrusters
With all the boosting around evading enemies and closing in to targets and objectives, having a quickly replenishing engine pool is mandatory. I go with Regeneration Thrusters to give myself more staying power in the match.

Capacitor: Damage Capacitor
Quad Laser Cannons suck a bit more power than other lasers I use, and I tend to be dogfighting in Team Deathmatch for quite a while so I opt for Damage Capacitor here.


Copilot: Mako / Kendra Novar (Running Interference)
A great defensive ability to complement your already ridiculously high evasion. Can be used in conjunction with Distortion Field and/or Targeting Telemetry for a nice boost in head-to-head fights and for more damage time while being fired on.

Offensive: Lieutenant Pierce / Kira Carsen (25% ammo capacity, 6% accuracy)
These crew members provide the best offensive power to your weaponry. Having an extra 6% accuracy for your primary weapon helps overcome evasion-stacking and allows you to take better glancing shots. 25% ammo capacity allows you to carry additional missiles, partially compensating for the capacity loss from the Double Volley upgrade. If ammunition is not an issue, you can switch this crew member to Jaesa Willsaam / Qyzen Fess for the extra 2 degrees to your firing arc.

Defensive: Vector / Nadia Grell (10% shield power pool, 5% evasion)
I am always a fan of a larger renewable source of defense, and evasion is too good to pass up.

Tactical: Mako / Kendra Novar (sensor radius & communication / sensor focus & communication)
The tactical crew is different because of the copilot ability (Running Interference) not being available with identical passives. The Sith Empire gets the better end of this bargain with increased sensor radius and communication range, although the difference feels minimal at best.

Engineering: Yuun / 2V-R8 (13% weapon power efficiency, 13% engine efficiency)
Anastasie / Phytia The Bastion
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