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Laptop stats are the same as desktop stats, pick one that meets the system requirements and you will be fine.

On that note, I run the game on an 3 year old Gateway FX laptop, was top of the line of course when I bought it. Which runs the game just fine. Not top of the chart on the specs. I turn shadows off, but it runs great.
no they are not, do not spread false information like that.

a laptop i7 is not even close to comparable to the desktop i7.

a graphics card that has m after the model name is about 40-50% less effective at it's job as it's desktop counterpart.

want me to go on? do not spread false information that leads people to thinking the laptop spec is the same as a desktop spec.

as to the error trying to install the graphics drivers, go to my computer, properties, tools, check disk, run(tick both boxes) restart the machine and let it run, often it can resolve any dll issues or other issues with your os that your having.

will 7 times out of 10 resolve that problem, not always but again it's one step to take and if that doesn't help there are other things to try but as an end user thats the basic one to start with, afterwards hit up the seven forums for some tips.