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12.25.2011 , 03:21 PM | #29
I seem to have no problems finding a group within a few minutes - either asking to be invited or just randomly start inviting others to join.

What I have noticed are people wanting specific classes in their group [ie: Agent DPS for example]. This is NOT that other MMO where you need specific classes to succeed in a Heroic. Those groups do typically take a lot longer to fill...

The current LFG tool - there is one annoying problem - there is not enough space for the description. "Looking for m...." or "Just got here, w". I have no idea how to tell what they are LFG for.

I just wonder if most people don't know how to use the LFG tool or are use to an automated system that they use in other MMO's which allows them to avoid forming any "friends" lists.

I wonder if a default LFG area chat channel [not server wide - that would be abused] is necessary? I do see a lot of other chat spam going on and it's sometimes easy to miss "LFG" requests.

I would like to add - before the "fleet space stations" - it was A LOT easier to find a group for the 1st flashpoint - you arrived on the station, acquired the quest, walked a few meters, and found yourself in front of the flashpoint entrance. That made a lot more sense than it is now.
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