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06.19.2014 , 10:04 PM | #14
I think I'm one of the people on there

Fortunately in a Strike, though :3

That is indeed a bit ridiculous though 5+ Bombers is taking the mickey, no matter who does it. I guess I hadn't paid as much attention to what my own team is flying. In future I will, and appropriately castigate those who overdo the Cheese like that. Even though they'll probably just ignore me, like everyone does :P

Definitely wasn't an FEF premade though, we have to actually bully people into bringing Bombers or Gunships, just to have a single one of them to support the team. More than two or three together on a team, though? That's when the metagame of a match starts collapsing and implodes into a singularity of pure faceroll. Anybody who likes and wants Gudfites should want to avoid that.

Sorry you had to suffer a game like that :-(
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