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Not even half as amazed as I'd be if I saw your pals outside of a Gunship or a Bomber. Nor half as glad, because if I don't see a wall of Gunships, then I don't feel forced to bring out my Flashfire in order to counter them. ;-)
I guess I am one of those pals you refer to, Kessler. I fly with Firedemon a lot in the same squadron and my main ships are strike fighters in Death matches and use those always for competetive games. In domination matches (competetive) I usually end up with a bomber but that is just how it goes. I see a couple of bombers on rep side...then counter that to even the odds out. I can't see that the imp side is worse than rep side when it comes to using GS and bombers...we are basically the same. Look up facts!

I also would enjoy a concept like "SF Monday" also but it seems hard to communicate that to all pilots out there.