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But unfortunately I don't think anything could convince the regular "top" Imperial GSFers on our server to switch out of their beloved Gunships & Bombers.
This was indeed uncalled for. Yes, there are matches where one side is Gunship/Bomber heavy, but it's hardly a thing of one faction (I wish I would take some screenshots to demonstrate what team compositions were we - Imperials - facing yesterday). And yes, there are veterans who fly Gunship or Bomber 95%+ of the time - but again, they can be found in both factions.

The truth is, if you want to organize something like Strike Fighter night (which I fully support) you want more veterans to attend, not less. Veterans are more likely to go for the idea and stick with it (even when losing) than newbies and random PuGs. As for the Premade night idea, I'm all up for it - it may just be more difficult to organize.

EDIT: One picture for illustration. This is what some of your Republic comrades brought to an unbalanced TDM wargame. What do you think they would do when matched against Imperials who can actually fight back?
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Last nights group finder was a mess. The short version is that two of the people were really bad but the tank was pretty good. After we called it I asked the tank if he wanted to queue up with me. He said "I'm eleven and I have to go to bed".
The one guy who knew what he was doing was eleven years old.