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Don`t get me wrong, I LOVE this idea, but I don`t think it is practical fro Bioware and as such, it will never see the light of day. If it does, you`ll pay dearly for it, most probably.
That's the silliest part though. As it is now. I'll never buy the super expensive dyes. Not worth it for various reasons already stated in this thread. However, if unlocking dyes (only CM dyes, crafted ones are fine as is) were an option....

Do you know how many dyes I would buy and unlock just on the off chance I -might- use them on something down the road? Lots... more then I probably should but I like having options. Its why if I see a belt I like in a set, I will get the rest of the set just to unlock it so I can use it elsewhere if I want to later on.
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