Thread: How is the PvP?
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06.17.2014 , 04:05 PM | #15
I love it when PvE geared players queue up on the other team. I am more than happy to farm them and see how many shots it takes to kill them. lol They want to complain about people going into PvE with PvP gear? Fine, let's see how this works with the roles reversed. lol I will make their lives a living hell from valor 1-40 til they get their relics and make it the most slow painful grind they have ever done. Then maybe they'll quit half way, get some skill and go farm their PvE relic which is way better than the PvP one. :P Especially considering it lasts 30 seconds instead of 6.

Am I being mean? Probably, but most of the time the people that queue up in PvE gear in a 4 man premade are complaining at the rest of the team for not doing their job when they are the ones causing the problem for the rest of the team. I've had people come over cross faction to rant about how bad these PvEers are and how they don't want to queue until they leave or get some gear. To be honest? I don't blame them. lol

/end rant *munches cookie* lol