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I went to steal a pylon and a scoundrel followed me. I asked the scoundrel to cc the defender, and he answered me by standing there for 20 seconds. So I stunned the pylon guard and white barred it after it wasted its cc breaker. 3 seconds into my cap, that scoundrel threw a *********** grenade and broke the stun. He later explained why he couldn't cc that guy for me:" I can only cc droid."

Never aged my scoundrel ever since.
That's an issue I've run into a lot, just people not knowing the full capabilities of their class. I had a similar situation to yours the other day. Another assassin followed me to the opposing pylon and went right up to defender. I unstealthed to start capping but instead of mezzing they just went all in on their opener. I've given up hoping that everyone on my team knows what they're doing. I just do my part as best I can and hope for the best. Some days it's really all you can do.
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