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i read the op answers so figured i put my predictions in early.

1. We feel that gunslingers/snipers are currently in a pretty good place for endgame PvE content, as their raid utility and survivability is higher than that of many other classes Ė so currently, the idea is that what slingers and snipers may lack in DPS, they make up for in their raw ability to survive or raid utility. In a distant future update, we will be adding some DPS for slingers/snipers in exchange for some of that utility, but we are not yet ready to discuss the details of these changes.

We feel that the scatterbombs is being used in an unintended manor but do not wish to remove the wall bang from pvp. We have plans to fix engineering/Saboteur and will be nerfing OS further soon but are not yet ready to discuss them.

2. we are aware slingers/snipers lack survivability in arenas and we were going to implement a better version of evasion but that was too OP. we are currently working on new defenses but are not ready to discuss the details. It may be a new ability tho we donít like doing that outside of large releases.

3. We will be implementing phase 2 of make sure no one uses Flyby/OS ever again soon. This update will remove all abilities buffing OS from every tree but engineering/Saboteur and attach them into the engineering/Saboteur tree. We are not yet ready to discuss what if any additional talents will be used to replace the removed ones. After phase 2 has been implemented phase 3 will re-work engineering. You can discuss potential changes below.
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