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Re: the OPů Apparently the developers have changed their DPS balance philosophy. Again. I officially give up on trying to understand what they're doing in that department. To be clear, I'm specifically referring to the damage-vs-utility tradeoff that they seem to imply, which is a highly short-sighted design philosophy that misses the number one job of a DPS: doing damage.

Shield Probe says "hello". Off the GCD already, more healing than Unnatural Preservation (for a DPS sorc), and half the cooldown (for Lethality).

Actually, Lethality has fantastic sustained defense, it just requires a lot of micro-management to get the most out of it. Relative to the sustained DPS levels in PvP (i.e. very low), Shield Probe is straight-up OP. You're absolutely right though that burst defense is where Lethality is lacking. Evasion helps, but only against certain classes (basically just Ataru sentinels and DoT sages). Hopefully they still plan to rectify this situation.
I now have a very long list of classes that require rebalancing due to the philosophy change.

What will it be bioware? You make your move.

As for survivability, what if they just flipflopped from defending melee/ranged attacks into defending against Force and Tech? It still allows for counterplay, just makes it way more useful...

Or allow it to defend against Ranged and Tech but not Force and Melee? Just trying to work something out that allows for counterplay?
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