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some ideas for survivability though debuffs and such from another thread(not all my ideas)

1) I would love to have the devs give an opinion on the possibility of either an 20-40% alacrity debuff or some sort of healing debuff to our target on hidden strike / back stab / acid blade. (alac debuff means we get our hits off faster than opponents if coupled with stim boost it would make a significant difference. Alternatively you could make the jarring strikes ability give an accuracy debuff for X amount of seconds)

2) I would like an indication from them if they feel healing / cross-healing in pvp is working as intended, or if they are looking into a way of toning down the ability of 2-3 healers to heal indefinitely without having energy issues. Especially operative healers.(giving us survivablity though healing would be nice but hard to balance i assume, not making the heal too strong or too weak so on and so forth)

3) I would like the devs to consider making BOTH infiltrate and especially counter measures useful in pvp - I suggest perhaps counter measures causes all players to instantly loose target on the operative (interrupting any ability being cast on them - although they can be re-targeted again afterwards) (i would like to extrapolate on this idea for lethality in particular, making it so that counter measures would force the target that we are targeted on to untarget us would be a nice little interupt to the fight for the enemy and would allow us to be "slippery" and giving us an upper hand in fights at times if used correctly. possibly bound to counter strike/dirt trickster)

(for the use of inflitrate/smuggle it would be nice if on the escape plan/smuggled defense talent to make it useable out of stealth and give it either a debuff to all enemies in the radius or a buff to all allies inside of it to increase something such as defense chance.)

4) If Devs want us to be "slippery" a possibility of a 20% reduction to stun duration on concealment operatives (either countermeasures cooldown [usable while stunned] or inherent high in the concealment tree), or the ability to use cloak screen while stunned and making it cleanse all roots, or even shield probe while stunned.(class homogeneity here but yeah)

5) Increasing the accuracy debuff on flash powder to 30%

6)Swap the alacrity buff in lethality for the damage reduction buff in healer tier 2(both 2 point talents and would benifit all specs)

7) revitalizers now heals 10% up front and gives a 2/3% heal every second for 15 seconds

8) make counter measure/surrender shorten the duration of stuns by 50%(possibly bound to counterstrike/ dirty trickster)
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