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Roll is a great ability, i think we can all agree on that one of the main problems i have with it is that it is on the same GCD as all of our damaging/heal abilities. This means that you need to use 2 GCDs in lethality to get the relatively low heal off and then you can start fighting back. Shield probe is a roughly 4.2k shield is lethality while using the healer 2 set bonus and roughly 3200 in concealment with the healer 2set and with the low CD on it, it is an Ok skill, but to be fair unnatural preservation has the ability to crit as well and ive seen crits for over 7k with no relics active in conq gear. With it now being off the GCD i would say that it is a superior ability to shield probe because of that fact because you can now couple it with static barrier which blocks for more damage than SP and has a very similar lock out. I would personally love for roll to be on its own GCD such as acid blade so you can do something like roll to stealth with out having to wait the GCD for it. I agree with you with not knowing what theyre doing with to balance utility and damage, i would give up abit of sustained(100 or so points) for better utility or survivability because as i have said in other posts and such that we can only 1v1 most classes every 2 minuets and if there is a second person there it is a total loss, unless you out play them so terribly.
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