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Survivability issues aside, if Scoundrels / Ops were given more group utility for PvE, most Ops groups would choose only them. Who would you rather choose: a class with high DPS and average utility (what you are asking Ops to be) or one with average DPS and average utility (most other classes?)
I agree to that. Most OPs I'm participating with my Gunslinger have *several* Gunslingers or Scoundrels - but on the other hand almost *never* any damage-oriented Sage ...

The devs seem to think into an similar direction (bold printing by me) :

It is unlikely that Operative/Scoundrel set bonuses will be improved any time soon because Operative/Scoundrel damage and healing output is already quite high, and improving the set bonuses would only put them even further ahead of the other damage dealers and healers in the game.
In a distant future update, we will be adding some group utility for Operatives/Scoundrels in exchange for some of that raw healing and damage,
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