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06.16.2014 , 09:05 AM | #3
Honestly at this point in time i have just lost all hope of ever having a viable dps scoundrel/Operative in pvp ever again.

We have some pretty big changes planned for Operatives/Scoundrels in the more distant future, but we cannot discuss the details at this time
We have heard it all before. We have been blueballed since 1.4 and have been told changes will come, but all we get is changes that is always minor and poorly executed . The changes done in 2.8 changes NOTHING in terms of pvp viability , and if you had opened our thread on PTS you would have known this.

I cannot really answer the pve part of the answer , since i rarely raid anymore. The 30% aoe damage reduction is obviously a very nice buff , but iam not sure about revitalisers(The talent in itself is very weak). Pve dps scoundrels have atleast an easier time in regards to moving points around in the tree , seeing as they dont need root from hidden strike or the root from sever tendon.