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Hey folks,

Below you will find your top 3 returned, with answers. Thanks!



1: PVE
1). And finally, we added some more survivability to Revitalizers/Surprise Comeback, because many players felt that the skill was simply not worth taking.

2). We feel that Operatives/Scoundrels are currently in a pretty good place for endgame PvE content, as their raw healing and damage output is higher than that of many other classes – so currently, the idea is that what Operatives/Scoundrels may lack in group utility, they make up for in their raw ability to heal or deal damage. In a distant future update, we will be adding some group utility for Operatives/Scoundrels in exchange for some of that raw healing and damage, but we are not yet ready to discuss the details of these changes.
2: PVP
3). We are committed to evaluating and improving all of the classes and specializations that do not perform well in PvP. Ideally, we would like for every specialization to be viable in PvP, but realistically, one of those specializations for each advanced class will always be regarded as the “best” choice for a given activity (such as leveling up, endgame PvE, or PvP) in the game by players. For example, many current Operative/Scoundrel players might tell you that the best choice you can make in PvP as an Operative/Scoundrel is to be a healer, and our internal data would also back-up such a claim.

4). We are not yet certain that the improvements we have made for damage-dealing Operatives/Scoundrels will be enough, but we will continue to monitor their performance in PvP and continue to improve them, if necessary.

3: Wildcard - Quality of life:
  • 5). The cover defenses will not be making their way back to Operatives/Scoundrels any time soon, because cover does not encourage the envisioned style of play for Operatives/Scoundrels.
  • Reliably leaving combat after a precise amount of time is a problem that has plagued stealth classes for a while now, but hopefully we can fix the issue or find a much more reliable way of dropping combat in PvP.
  • It is unlikely that Operative/Scoundrel set bonuses will be improved any time soon because Operative/Scoundrel damage and healing output is already quite high, and improving the set bonuses would only put them even further ahead of the other damage dealers and healers in the game.
  • We are still looking into addressing the "roll-freeze" bug.
  • The issue with the last healing tick for Revitalizers/Surprise Comeback not occurring should be resolved as of Game Update 2.8.
  • We can probably return the Hidden Strike/Shoot First knock down animation for weak and standard enemies in PvE.

We have some pretty big changes planned for Operatives/Scoundrels in the more distant future, but we cannot discuss the details at this time. For the near future, we will be monitoring Operative/Scoundrel performance in PvE and PvP and making any needed improvements as we can.

1). Many people do not take the revitalizer talent because of the change it had received in 2.0. This is because pre2.0 it was more of a passive talent, with its long duration, decently short cool down and easy use our rotation for PVE and PVP to get some more energy and a decent amount of life back over the time. Post 2.0 stim boost its self has been turned into a semi offensive CD with its granting of a TA and is much less effective in regenerating energy. Now with the damage reduction added it is supposed to be a DCD in concealment/scrapper but it also has the offensive capability of granting TA so players will no longer use it while in stealth because it wastes a few precious seconds to the damage reduct and we lose 1-2 ticks of healing(8% in pve 6% in pvp). Further still it adds very little survivability to the class, only while coupling it with a warzone adrenal does it become very effective and this makes it so that we are viable for 1V1 every 2 minuets or so and while either warzone adrenal or stim boost are on cool down the 1v1 capability of an operative is very very very low in most cases, so inherently our capability to survive anything more than 2 players is completely non existent

2). You have said to many classes that "raw damage" should not effect group utility and that all classes should bring some sort of utility to the group. Here you have contradicted yourself by saying In a distant future update, we will be adding some group utility for Operatives/Scoundrels in exchange for some of that raw healing and damage. So for every other class group utility can be given while not effecting their total damage or healing but for the operative, a class that does not have the highest damage capabilities nor total healing, although our healing is very "easy" compared to the others and is more than viable, have to give up some of our damage and healing to get utility? This feels like a very unfair double standard to me and even if you did not mean it in this way or if you misworded yourself you have to some what admit that it does seem unfair to say such a thing, while you buffed other classes damage that were fairly strong as is for PVP and PVE who had good utility with no penalty you see a need for us to be penalized, is our damage and or healing that good that you see it worth toning down abit to give us utility? Also ill accept that Lethality got nothing this patch one at a time so ill give you a mulligan on that i guess.

3). All the healers and all the tanks are viable for ranked play, juggernauts and power techs over assassins and mercs and Ops over sorcs, but all are viable and it all comes down to personal preference and group make up. With that said no class should be told that because their tank/healer is the "premiere" tank/healer they should play tank/heals instead of DPS. This doesnt make sense, for while they all may be viable some players hate the idea of healing and some hate the idea of tanking, a pretty well known theory of why the operative and scoundrel community died out was because the fact that our DPS were no longer viable and only our healers were and many did not want to play a healer but a dps instead.

4). as i stated in 1 it is not enough, the sole reason is because we must couple it with our warzone adrenal to get 35% reduction for the duration to be able to fight players 1v1 in an arena we are often targeted after we leave stealth because of the lack of defensive skills other than combat stealth.

5). It saddens me to see that you refuse to do anything about our very lack luster set bonuses. Smuggle/infiltrate has been a useless skill for so long when i created my scoundrel i didnt even bother to buy the skill because i know of very few situations in which it is ever useful, it often causes more problems skipping mobs than it does helping. The extra second on Evasion/dodge is not very helpful because the majority of damage in a warzone is F&T damage and as a purge it mostly effective but has its flaws because DoTs can be applied during the duration of the skill so many times we get knocked out of stealth because of that. Lastly the 5 energy is quite pathetic and does very little for our over all damage/resource management. The 4 set bonus could be changed to give us the defense which we so greatly desire while affecting PVE and PVP differently and will not unbalance either all that is required is that you make it so that the healer set bonus has something that the healers need/want. If we are not supposed to use cover then may we have abilities which are bound to cover(namely explosive probe) unbound through preparedness so we may use them while standing? this would add more fluidity to our rotation and make for a few less mishaps that happen if you press the button you have bound for explosive probe just before the tool bar has changed. Lastly please fix the roll freeze bug it hasnt happened to me in like 3 weeks but it is frusterating losing out on a warzone because of a stupid bug.

Ill admit i am a bit frustrated with the responses we got with the considering that the questions were taken late and given back to us late because Musco was out of town, making what is supposed to be a 1 week process almost 3 weeks(2weeks 6 days) and us being left out of the loop because of poor communication. thats my 2 cents on the matter, Musco i personally would like some acknowledgement to how long it took you to give us these responses back and try to communicate with the community better but that is just me and is not a requirement just my own little request that would make all communities happier.
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