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Hey folks,

Below you will find your top 3 returned, with answers. Thanks!



1: PVE

Based on the proposed 2.8 PTS changes it looks like you're taking a step in the right direction to fixing Concealment's poor survivability. Could you please let us know the reason behind the changes you've made and what other tweaks you have planned to help bring DPS based operatives in line with regards to raid utility as we are currently lacking in that department?

Lethality received no changes, could you please also explain your reasoning behind that too?
In the 2.8 update, we changed Jarring Strike/K.O. to give back the interrupt that Concealment/Scrapper Operatives/Scoundrels lost when we changed Jarring Strike/K.O from a knock down effect into an immobilize effect, because the loss of the inherent interrupt (as part of the knock down) was an unintended consequence of the original change. We have also added some protection against area of effect attacks to Shadow Operative Elite/Slippery Devil, because many players had complained that Operatives/Scoundrels had no way to reduce the damage taken from area of effect attacks (like many other short-range classes can). And finally, we added some more survivability to Revitalizers/Surprise Comeback, because many players felt that the skill was simply not worth taking.

We feel that Operatives/Scoundrels are currently in a pretty good place for endgame PvE content, as their raw healing and damage output is higher than that of many other classes – so currently, the idea is that what Operatives/Scoundrels may lack in group utility, they make up for in their raw ability to heal or deal damage. In a distant future update, we will be adding some group utility for Operatives/Scoundrels in exchange for some of that raw healing and damage, but we are not yet ready to discuss the details of these changes.

There is no specific reasoning for Lethality/Dirty Fighting not receiving any changes in the 2.8 update – unfortunately we have a limited amount of time and resources to make and test changes with each update. Therefore, only so many classes and specializations can get changes with each update (we do as many as we possibly can). It should be noted however that Lethality is very near the top of our list to receive changes in 2.9.
2: PVP

DPS operatives have been excluded from ranked PvP since its creation due to poor class balancing, it's great you've noticed this and put forward changes for Concealment on the PTS. Can you please let us know why you feel the upcoming changes are sufficient and what you will do if Concealment continues to be "non viable" for ranked play.

I feel obliged to point out again that Lethality has received no changes and will remain on the sidelines.
We are committed to evaluating and improving all of the classes and specializations that do not perform well in PvP. Ideally, we would like for every specialization to be viable in PvP, but realistically, one of those specializations for each advanced class will always be regarded as the “best” choice for a given activity (such as leveling up, endgame PvE, or PvP) in the game by players. For example, many current Operative/Scoundrel players might tell you that the best choice you can make in PvP as an Operative/Scoundrel is to be a healer, and our internal data would also back-up such a claim.

We are not yet certain that the improvements we have made for damage-dealing Operatives/Scoundrels will be enough, but we will continue to monitor their performance in PvP and continue to improve them, if necessary.

Again, we have not improved Lethality/Dirty Fighting in the 2.8 update due to time constraints, not because we believe the specialization is perfect as it is. Feel free to post your ideas in this thread on how you would like to see the Lethality/Dirty Fighting skill tree improved in the future (for both PvP and PvE).
3: Wildcard - Quality of life:

There have been several changes to Operatives recently that have seriously diminished the quality of life of the class in addition to quite a lot of pre-existing problems. Here is a reduced list containing some of the more pressing points:
  • The removal of crouch preventing leaps / pulls effecting DPS specs more harshly than Medicine (its intended target)
  • Leaving combat seems to be on an almost random timer making restealthing very difficult
  • This was also asked previously but seemingly ignored. Our set bonuses are virtually useless. You stated that set bonuses were only meant to provide a small damage increase but our set bonuses do not even provide this and pale when compared to any other class..
  • The "roll bug" that freezes us in place when knocked back during a roll is still in the game.
  • Revitalizers is currently bugged and only ticks 4 times for a total 16% heal (tooltip says 20%)

Can you please let us know what you will be doing over the next few patches in order to increase our poor quality of life with in the game?

We'd also love it if you could give us the Hidden Strike knock down animation on weak PvE mobs.
  • The cover defenses will not be making their way back to Operatives/Scoundrels any time soon, because cover does not encourage the envisioned style of play for Operatives/Scoundrels.
  • Reliably leaving combat after a precise amount of time is a problem that has plagued stealth classes for a while now, but hopefully we can fix the issue or find a much more reliable way of dropping combat in PvP.
  • It is unlikely that Operative/Scoundrel set bonuses will be improved any time soon because Operative/Scoundrel damage and healing output is already quite high, and improving the set bonuses would only put them even further ahead of the other damage dealers and healers in the game.
  • We are still looking into addressing the "roll-freeze" bug.
  • The issue with the last healing tick for Revitalizers/Surprise Comeback not occurring should be resolved as of Game Update 2.8.
  • We can probably return the Hidden Strike/Shoot First knock down animation for weak and standard enemies in PvE.

We have some pretty big changes planned for Operatives/Scoundrels in the more distant future, but we cannot discuss the details at this time. For the near future, we will be monitoring Operative/Scoundrel performance in PvE and PvP and making any needed improvements as we can.
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