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Awful solution is awful.

1) There will be times when guild members are not online and / or do not want to do a flashpoint when you do. The rebuttal may be "oh join a large guild." Well, a lot of us don't like that for a plethora of reasons. So endure the idiocy of a large guild or...?

2) Due to the fact that this is a new game, guilds are not established yet. I joined one guild shortly after launch and left after a couple days. It was a bad fit. Mostly because the guild leader recruited everyone and their dog. That wasn't my thing. Since then, no guild worth consideration is in need of a tank at present. So I should re-roll or not do flashpoints, then?

Terrible, terrible solution bro.
Agreed, Though I wish to post my own reason. I'm horribly uncharismatic and have trouble finding a guild without doing server only 5 mans. At least a good one anyways, and usually when I DO join one I'm still trapped doing 5 man randoms with random people because im new and no one knows me in the place.

This is not the WORK all solution for everyone. sorry.
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