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This "hive" of servers idea doesn't work out well at all, for the player base and for coding. When features are available they need to be for everyone or no one.
Even If these features are unwanted and undesired in every fashion? Using the ole everyone's gotta take a bite of the rotten sandwich ideology? And I don't think its really all "THAT" much of a coding nightmare.

You do have to admit to it. If Cross realm queing goes live on all servers, This game will suffer for it. However much or little.

And don't overjudge the way I write this. I'm not "terribly" charismatic even online. I'm just stating that this is a problem that actually REQUIRES a fix. We simply need to ensure its the right fix. No one wants it to slide into being World of Warcraft/Rifts system. Nor do folks want it to stay the same.
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