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If you're talking about 'crafting at endgame', by which I interpret it as 'stuff you might craft at endgame', then Artifice would be much preferred over Synthweaving.

Why? Because an Artificer running endgame content has the potential to be able to reverse engineer gear that drops in HM 55 FPs and Level 55 Operations, such as Hilts, Enhancements, and Relics, while a Synthweaver can do bupkis. (Or Augs. That's it.)

I have Artifice on my Sith Warrior--in addition to Vette's +5 Crit, I have a Sensor on Toovee to get another +2 Treasure Hunting Crit on him, Jaesa additionally has an Efficiency to Archaeology, and I have HK-51 doing the crafting (max'ed out Affection). My only regret is that I don't run endgame with her, meaning I don't have a crack at RE'ing the gear mentioned above. :P
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