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12.25.2011 , 01:49 PM | #7
I take liek every single quest and im always around +2-+6 level above the standrad level.

When i finished Taris i was 26! And still mobs 6 level below were very hard to beat. Though was able todo 1 or 2 heroic quests alone (with tricks).

I dont like Taris generic quests and the story here at all. Except for the main class quest chains, which are OK. But after you beat the sith (which was way to easy) it is not very satisfying.... Also the huge buildings, the bright overall environment are not very atmospheric and realistic setting. Quest chains which are very promising, like the archive ended way quick. I rather have a handfull quest than 100 generic quest, Taris has.

I rather have a jungle, swamp world which is very very dark.