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06.10.2014 , 10:07 AM | #1
Server harbinger, toon obim

Tried to queue for regular warzones today, nothing happens (several others in pvp channel are reporting this too). From fleet, went down the smuggler lift to go to the terminal outside the hangar bag, to choose the option to transport to my ship. Game started to load like it was doing it then spawned me back at the terminal. I could not take the smuggler door back to the main level of the fleet, nor run down the halls to any of the other 3 class' doors. I would run a few steps and get stuck.

After a few minutes, the game logged me out. When I logged back in, I was on my ship and in warzone queue. So the game did it, it just took 5 minutes and logged me out in the process. Just sitting on my ship for 5 minutes, I was logged out again.

In addition, emergency fleet pass and quick travel passes are broken.
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