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06.10.2014 , 09:15 AM | #8

Guild Name: Hates You
Guild Website:
Server: Prophecy of the Five
Region: US (East Coast)

Dread Master Bestia
Date: Tuesday, 10th June 2014 | 11:12:32 AM (EST)

Character Name: the Gate Crashing Warstalking Revanchist Dread Master Numíe Dragonslayer From Beyond, the Eternal Warrior, Deposer of the Dread Masters and Conqueror of Dread Fortress
List of Alts: Amelía, ßuns, ßutters, Cínnabon, Cínnamon, Hours, Jesiel, Keíra, Kíwi, Muffïns, Munchkín, Wäffelz