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06.09.2014 , 07:30 PM | #4
Just wanted to give a special shout out to my former raid team "Underworld Arms Traders" from my now former guild Torva Nex.. And say thank you for using me to help you achieve the server first Conqueror of the Dread Fortress title for the Imperial side on Jedi Covenant, before dropping me from your roster the night before the 2.8 release...

I was expected to use the Nightmare Pilgrim buff in order defeat NiM Brontes. I instead chose to believe in my own ability and that of my teammates and politely refused to participate in this plan. I did not let it prevent me from raiding alongside the others who chose to use the buff - that was their choice to make and I respected that. I only just now found out this respect was not mutual when I was told I was being dropped from this raid team for sticking to my guns and standing by my beliefs.

I'm a rather go-with-the-flow kind of personality. But I do not take kindly to being pressured into doing something I don't believe in, enduring backhanded comments from people who couldn't manipulate me into getting their way (Tyger/Viduus) then ultimately being dropped from the team over it, but only after using me to help achieve the server first title for them. I would NEVER treat another player in this fashion, let alone expect them to do something they personally didn't condone. This is beneath deplorable behavior, and those who made this decision to remove me have proven to me how undeserving they truly are to be Conquerors of the Dread Fortress.

Enjoy your hollow victory.
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