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Click Here for the Dread Palace Nightmare Mode 8-Man Progression Tracking Tool

UTC Clock
Alternative UTC Clock


The challenges and achievments of Dread Palace are on their way very soon and here is the new progression tracking spreadsheet. I've taken into account some of the feedback from NiM Dread Fortress Progression Tracking to improve the system.

Screenshots, times and scores now all revolve around achievements and achievement times. This means there will be no penalisations for not taking a screenshot as you kill the boss. As you can take the screenshot whenever you like please follow all verification guidlines to ensure the most undisputable result possible.

How the tracking tool works

  1. The score you get is based off the latest boss you killed only.
  2. Each bosses base value increases by 1000 for each boss so that a guild that has killed more bosses will always be ahead of those which has killed less bosses.
  3. Each boss is worth an additional 1000 points that decreases by a set amount of points per hour after the content is released. 1 point/h for the first 4 bosses and 0.5 points/h for the final boss. It is not possible to get negative amount of bonus points.
  4. The Speed Run is ranked seperately from the boss clears and acts as a list of who achieved it first.

Verifying boss kills

There are several elements that are need to verify a kill and the kill time, all are required to be placed on the spreadsheet. You can take a screenshot for kills several weeks ago and still receive the maximum score.

Elements to include:
  • Guild Name
  • Achievement
  • Achievement Time
  • Current UTC Time
  • Current Computer or Game Time
Here is an example screenshot with all elements color coded.

How to take a Time Stamp Verification Screenshot:
  1. Ensure the game client is in Fullscreen (Windowed) mode. This can be set in the Preferences/Graphics menu
  2. Click the UTC Clock link here and set the browser window to a size of your preference.
  3. Drag UTC time-stamp window over the SWTOR Client window and position it appropriately.
  4. On your keyboard, hit CTRL+Print Screen to capture your entire Desktop to your clipboard.
  5. In MS Paint, paste the contents of the clipboard (the captured image). Save the image.
  6. Alternatively, you can use screen capturing software.

Penalties for not providing the required information:
  • You may be asked to retake a screenshot if it does not meet all the requirements. If the required elements are spread between multiple screenshots it may or may not be accepted.
  • You are allowed to take part in multiple guilds for progression however as achievements are once per account there must be at least one new person in the every guild clearing content to provide a fresh achievement for that guild to be added to the spreadsheet.

Posting your kills

Include the following items in your post:
  1. Guild Name
  2. Guild Website (If you have one)
  3. Server
  4. Region
  5. Faction
  6. A link to the verification screenshot for each boss you have defeated.

Final Words

This thread is meant for posting progress so please keep it clean. If you have any questions/conserns/comments feel free to send me a PM and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Spread the word, the more who take part the better this will be.

Good luck to you all and have fun.
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