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I don't think it is just Wildstar and it is not going to get better.

PvP is a shambles right now and all the effort is being spent on playing house, badly.

Guardians R Us?

If people come back it won't be because SWTOR is awesome, it will be because the other games suck even worse, which is hardly a place to be in.

I'm considering re-subbing EVE, non-instanced space PvP, awesome but not for carebears.
Playing EVE is like playing with an excel spreadsheet. To be successful you need to be a tiny cog in a huge null sec mega corp.

**** that, in this game you can dominate ranked and regs with three skilled friends.

I can't argue with the 'guardians R Us' point. Class balance is absolutely terrible, and their ham-fisted attempt to fix it have thus far been a disaster.

Here's a hint biofail: tiny changes, small adjustments, every patch.