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EA and Disney have a brilliant plan for SWTOR. It will be upgraded
to canon in the next expansion and will have some subtle tie-ins with
Star Wars 7. (Specifically, a certain planet will be used and lord
Vitiate will be an off-screen influence on the main villain of 7). The
first step, although it won’t be obvious how, to SWTOR’s ending has
begun in Forged Alliances.
The storyline for SWTOR is going to end in about 3.5 years, and the
sequel is already in development. These next 3 years are going to see an
increase in funding as the game is brought back in line with initial
expectations. There is a fun plan to let SWTOR run for as long as
players want it to, with dynamic and scaling end-game content, but focus
will shift to SWTOR 2. It will run on the Cryengine 3 Frostbite
3 (sorry I was excited and they look similar to me), so your first
preview of how the game might look/run will be Dragon Age 3 later this
The personal stories of SWTOR will continue in the next major Xpac,
and they will each have an “ending”. YOUR character from SWTOR will
appear in the as-yet-unnamed SWTOR 2 in various forms. Force Ghosts,
holocrons, etc. As of right now, only one class appears to be able to
survive until SWTOR 2 (Sith Inquisitor), but that might change. These
will use your appearance settings and dialogue based on the actions you
chose in the game. I will detail what I could gather about the plot
later on in this post.
There will be a newgame+ option added to SWTOR, some big bonuses for
players who use it, and some major tweaks to the leveling experience
and early planets. For example, coroscant lets you turn in most quests
via holocalls rather than walking back. Newgame+ will be important as
some characters that were not previously able to will become companions
if certain story options are taken, and same gender romance will be
added. It appears LucasArts was the one behind not allowing them in the
first place. There will be some hefty rewards and updates to the
original game that make going through newgame+ for that new companion
romance feel less painful if you don’t want to. For example, a “rocket
boots” type move for each class that is specific to each class (SI get
to ride the lightning), and a class specific mount granted at level 15,
that upgrades to a better appearance at level 30.
The engine will be heavily revamped, and with the expansion, the
game will be brought to consoles as a buy-to-play title with a cartel
market. The goal will be to revamp all existing game systems so that
everything fits nicely into place as one coherent whole game.
New species—Torgruta, some other ugly thing

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