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I don't think it should matter overmuch. The bonuses only means it takes less time and funds to get better schematics, in the end.
A crit happening in any craft means either an augment slot added, or the item made double with the same resources. For end-game items of cybertech, artifice, and biochem that can mean several million credits income additionally. A +5% chance to crit means just that, your odds to crit in the crafting process are 5% higher. For a synthweaver the additional items crafted are not as valuable, so it matters way less. As others said no companion has a crit bonus on artifice specifically, so I just let HK or Treek craft there. But anyway, even if you find out at end-game that your warrior should rather craft something else, at that level the credits come rather fast. So learning another craft is not a big deal.