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Happy Friday!

New trivia question for y'all today! Who said the following quote?

"The summits of Nar Shaddaa are always visible - but the depths can never be charted."
Wow, this ones hard!

Educated guess here...
It's not someone from the Kotor series, only 2 visited Nar Shadaa and I know every line of that game. That leaves Swtor as the most likely option.

It's probably a companion, as if its a class story I'm screwed either way...

For companions, who's.... Deep, enough to say something like this?
Ashara Zavros, Jaesa, Nadia, Riisha, Kira... Wow my feminist side is showing.

Meh, im ago with Elara Dorne, but I have no idea.

Edit: Or Talos Drellik actually.
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