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Saying this thread is incredibly common, would still be an incredible understatement.

There should be a LFD, A cross server one to boot, with the option to opt out of it via server selection(certain servers should not have cross server capabilities). I could go into detail on this, and to sum it up, It'd work simply with some servers working in a hive of 30-40 servers which que together, while 10-20 servers lack any cross server capabilities at all, but there's a very tall thread here on this topic.
Cross server LFG/DFs lead to zero accountability of Ninja-looting. If they are forced to stay on their home server, eventually Ninjas stop getting invited to groups.

I am diametrically opposed to any cross-server PvE options.
Let this sink in, this game is Free to Play, boasts one of the most popular IPs on the planet and yet 76.47% of the servers are empty.