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The first build on this T1 Strike guide will be taking Ramilia's build here

And makeing a few alterations, because while its a good build and people are absolutely recommended to take it. The number of builds I am putting here that are close means its easier just to make a few alterations to what we have already seen .

Reactor, Large: often times I Feel shuffling shields to neutral and putting power to shields is the fastest way to get shields back up with Directional, And personally I have found that I generally dont need that extra regen to get an arc to full blue once i shuffle it back to just one side after about 5 seconds even with out the regen boost. Not saying the regen boost is bad, but for those looking for an alternative this is the alternate you probably want to go with.

Thrusters, Regen: Again this gives up some of that turning for a little bit more ability to run, and chase in the case of going after gunships and other targets. You dont have great tracking with your weapons so I find getting in turning fights with them isnt always the best. Still keeping the turning on the retro thrusters because of the bad tracking on your weapons meaning you want to be able to turn fast enough to keep them centered. But Personally I dont feel getting into a turning fight with this weapon set up is great for you. The clusters thankfully ussually make up for the bad tracking penalties on your primaries though, so you arent completely screwed in a close turning fight.

Capacitor Damage: The idea here is you are using quads for EVERYTHING except for targets that have armor such as turrets and charged plating builds, or targets with super low health that one shield pierced heavy laser will finish off. As such we want as much damage as we can pull out of those quads with out making thier energy cost to heavy.

Co-pilot: Wing man, Again your weapons have very poor tracking and evasion is all over the place. this crew member is the perfect counter to both of these things. When you are dealing with turning fights poping this on can and will assist in landing more hits while locking clusters. When head to heading some one that decides to use disto Field this also comes in handy.

Engineering: Engine efficiency, (power to engine, or Efficient fire) basically you want some ability to run down enemies and either you want that to be better or just efficient fire can make the Quads more then efficient enough. Playing with out engine efficiency is just painful.

Advanced Quad's/heavies, retro flight tip: When going against a burst laser scout Retro at around 3k meters will keep you outside of that scouts good firing accuracy range and damage range while keeping them in yours. A good scout can and will just off center you instead of head to heading, but if they approach for a head to head this drastically increases your chances of winning against a BLC scout.

Quads/heavies flight tip 2: Ussually just stick with quads the entire time unless target has armor, heavies only do more damage at ranges where quads cant hit. The regen thrusters allow you to get to that range faster

Directional shields Flight tip: Even with this more efficient engine build most things can still out run you. Try not to go below 50% engine power. Most enemies have your same ranges. let them come to you and waste their engine power. This build works very well at gaurding allied gunships.

Advanced General Flight tip: Avoid head to heads with quad 'n' pods instead try to come at them at an angle, their pods wont hit you and you have the same chance of hitting each other with quads, but your clusters can and will lock and fire on them either hitting them for good damage or forcing a missile break making them vulnerable to other missiles.

Advanced General Flight tip 2: Bassically when fighting burst laser cannon scouts think "quads 'n' pods scout" flight patterns, when fighting quads 'n' pods think Burst laser flight pattern and you should do alright. Of course firing at someone shooting at something else is still preferable to trying to fight 1v1.

If going with my alterations and with Ramalia's secondary build (IE Quick charge + barrel Roll) I do recommend going with her turning thrusters with this build as the engine regen provided by quick charge solves the engine problems I personally find with the directional+ turning build (as ramalia has said is an issue and the reason for the suggested quick charge + barrel roll choice) everything other portion of my alternate is still suggested for my alternate.

Quick Charge flight tip: when head to heading be sure to put power to shields, after you hit your "Shield ability" button in this head to head swap to power to weapons as you are now closer meaning your weapons are more accurate and do more damage and your max shields now dont matter Swap back to power to shields after your are done with the head to head to take advantage of the regen rate.

General flight tip Flight tip 3: if opponent is on you hard try to fly evasively while doing "attack runs" on enemies dropping lasers and missiles on targets as you fly through.

Another alternate Quads and heavies build is

Primary weapons: Quad laser cannon (T4 Crit, T5 Shield damage)
Primary weapons Heavy Laser cannon (Ignore armor, Shield Pen)
Secondary weapon: Concussion missile (max range, Either one)
Engines: Retro (if Directional) Engine power pool, Barrel Roll (if quick charge, also usable with directional) Increased ship speed.
Shields: Directional (reduced regen delay), Quick charge (Regen during damage)
Reactor: Large
Thrusters: regen
Capacitor: damage
Magazine Regen

Co-pilot: wingman, Concentrated fire or Lockdown

Offensive: Firing arc and 6% accuracy
Defensive: Large shields, evasion or quick regen (quick regen highly recommended for quick charge shields)
Tactical: personal preference
Engineering: Power to engines, Efficient maneuvers, Efficient fire also possible if you are ok with sacrificing power to engines (do not sacrifice efficient maneuvers)

Build specific Flight tip: This build is a bit more long range then the cluster missile build. As such much less turning fights will happen and more strafing runs. When some one is on your they will be difficult to remove solo which is why the ability to run is so important.

Directional Conc missile Flight tip 2: Head to head with directional and Retro's allow for much easier Concussion lock-ons and its highly recommended to use if you feel that concussion is going to take a bit longer.

There is more options here for crew as these strafing runs means more people will be dead center on you then before thus wingman is less neccisary for compensating for tracking penalty.

Concentrated fire is recommended for those that can often times get people dead center and want a strong burst potential with the strike.

Lock down is an interesting choice for some as it allows for easier concussion missile hits occassionally as the reload timer on concussions is a slightly less forgiving then that of Clusters. Combining Lock down with the "target engines" upgrade of concussions can be very good and frustrating for your enemy as their ability to run from you is severly hampered.

many of the flight tips from the original group work here.

The next builds are the Heavies/rapids Primary weapons builds the standard of which you can see here the variation options on this build specifically I find in the Co-pilot; the engineering, and some of the T5 upgrades. I feel on all the weapons the other T5 upgrade (Shield damage, hull damage, concussion slow) are all options. If those options are taken it should be noted that you will be worse at any bomber running charged plating because the missile just wont hurt as much as the Armor piercing one.

The other point that only other variations I would use for this particular Heavy/Rapid Variant is Co-pilot options would also include Wingman, Concentrated Fire, and Lockdown much for the same reason as with the Heavies/quads build. And if you want a little more engine power C2-N2/Blizz are also engineering options.

Rapid/heavy Flight tip: Use heavies at all times save for when the target starts far out of your center of your arc or at under 3k Meters away. In head to heads do not switch off heavies the delay between switching and refiring is not worth it, but when circling in close quarters with some one nearly dead or nearby around a satelite at under 3k use Rapids for their low tracking penalties and greater damage at 2.8k meters and under.

Directional shields Flight tip 3: Keep directional shields to rear for most of the time, if beggining a head to head it will only take 1 button to bring them to double front if you get hit in back while double front 1 more button evens them allowing some back defense. If hit from both angles like that, evasive flying is ussually recommended.

Rapids/heavies Flight tip 2: When being chased, terrain is a good place to hide behind and turn around, good tracking weapons of Rapid fires can allow you to really turn the tables on some one around an obsicle.

Further Heavies/rapids variants the one listed above with Quick Charge Shields (Combat Regen) and Barrel Roll (10% speed) this one is more a strafing run build and is much better suited for attack runs. IE flying straight through targets while others are on your tail (same thing as always when no one is chasing IE kill targets focused on others with either Heavies or rapids.

Both The directional shield build and the quick charge shield build can be alternatively equiped with Cluster missiles (ammo, Double volley). With this the Offensive companions with Spare Ammo and Pinpointing also become equally desirable to Fireing arc and Pinpointing.

Rapids Cluster Flight tip: these allow for serious pain in close combat high turning fights, engaging anything save for a burst laser build can be killed quickly with little threat to self.