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And quite a nice list of rules...Now to go adjust my faction to fit, or otherwise fit enough to get the units that it requires when it comes time, and work out the problems when they become apparent...

Btw, what if an organization does not really have a state planet associated with it? Is that similar ruling as to the nomadic like units where they just have to have a home base? I know all organizations tend to have home bases, but the one that I wish to use never specified on where it really worked from. *No, its not the Maw Installation.*

As for the Major/Minor ground forces, is it possible to have a large Major force, but also a tiny Minor force? *a few elite units* or will it have to be 3 minors or 1 major?

For the map ruling, what happens if the planets you have chosen are already within 1 square of each other? Does that territory extension cancel out, combine in the opposite direction, bonus, nullified? *Note, outer rim version*

Other than leaders, are there any banned suppliers/allies/units/ships*other than over 1000+ weapons*/organizations/planets?

What constitutes as a *super weapon*? For example, if it is not one that causes instant destruction but more of a gradual victory, would it still be considered? *still quite expensive to create, but not nearly as unfair as a Baradium Missiles or a death star* Or is it more of an absolute nothing that can be come close to a super weapon?

Would you gain the schematics to certain droids if your organization was one of the creators if its design, aka blueprints, and be able to then create them?

Is it possible to add a little personal preference to how the capital ships are manned? For example taking a Venator but having it controlled mostly by droids.

If I come up with other questions, I will post them.

After Thought: Beni, what time zone are you in? Want to try and make sure I do not end up submitting mine right before you go to bed and have low chances of maintaining my selected choices . (Hate those times I finish reading the current forum threads, go to bed, wake up and there are entirely new threads several pages long. CURSE YOU TIME DIFFERENCES!!!!)

Off-topic side note: New sig Aurbere? Guessing to fit the new text color?
1. Just remember we are going with Battlegrounds first, so only those rules apply unless otherwise said. Also I won't be taking faction submissions until I'd posted the admin thread, which will compile the most relevant rules.

2. Refer to Rule #34:

#34 The organisation provides whatever designated base of operations you have given them, though this cannot be under any circumstances a production facility. It also has to be capable of accommodating for their needs e.g. the presence of an information network/black market, but does not have to be directly affiliated with them in any way.

So if its not specified, all you need is a base that can support their operations.

3. I'm afraid not, the numbers aren't going to be particularly large here so even a small squad counts for something.

4. I think you misunderstand, only the Capital world has territory annexed around it.

5. Possibly, but probably unlikely, and if so probably specified in the rules somewhere.

6. If its been referred to as a superweapon at any point, its a superweapon. If it hasn't, its not. Unless is glaringly obvious. I'm sure we can fall back on our own discretion and intuition to sort out any potential issues there.

7. Refer to Rule #25:

#25 Members of leadership only retain their influence e.g. contacts, access, knowledge. They also have access to personal weapons and vehicles such as speeders or starships though nothing that could be classed as a capital ship or tank/walker etc.

If they are a droid, or someone with a photographic memory who has intimate knowledge of said schematics then yes, otherwise no I'm afraid. Which means in most cases this will likely not be the case.

8. Refer to Rule #48:

#48 Vessels within a naval force will be piloted by the relevant ground force i.e. a ground force with a naval force equivalent e.g. Stormtroopers would provide the Imperial Navy. If more than one ground force can provide, then it is up to the faction maker to choose.

Though if you don't have that luxury, then no you cannot choose what you please.

I live in the UK, so I think thats British Summer Time - I posted this as roughly 11:15pm. And I know the feeling.