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warning with the rules as Is I doubt any one will choose a "major" ground force. If its going to be 10k vs 5k +5k there is a clear and distinct Disadvantage to choosing a "Major" ground force, including both having equal numbers as well as additionally having less diversity. there is no reason for some one to choose a "Major" ground force (not like it was a popular choice before as I was litterally the only one that even saw the potential of a Major force now its worthless might as well not exist as an option) of course talking classic mode here.

Edit: Also Rule number 62. Dont you think that leaves the Light capital and the Heavy Capital a little close to each other.... i mean it could work, but I am cautious of this.

Edit: Rule Number 64. GOOD CHOICE

Edit: be cautious of rule 85 as worded potential exploits could be had.

Edit: Rules 89-91 could cause some difficulty in building a faction, suggest help be provided to those that have a unit they want but arent sure of planets .

Final Edit: read through all the rules concerns listed .