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It's not funny of course but...
if you had had good DPS you could have killed that sorc. 3 DPS on 1 sorc, all interrupt him, he just can't heal that burst, no AOE heal.
Well guarded healer means 50% damage reduction. Sorc healers have interrupt immunity which last like 10 secs i think so they do get some heals off which in ranked make all the difference. If they can get out their channel heal and crit it is 9k heal. When it is a game of suitability that makes all the difference.

And dont say pushbacks or stuns because resolve bar fills up pretty quick and they have barrier breaker and normal cc breaker so they have a grouped ranked setup which is completely unfair.

In all honesty I have beaten it in solo a few times but that was only because we had a combat sent on our team who we could sit on the healer whilst we downed another dps. A shadow would be ok for it but unless you have one of those classes that healer will be a happy healer.