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Yes, this is what I was afraid of. I just finished it. A level 11 or 12 jedi joined me. I made sure to turn off sprint as I realised how dumb that would be.

I tried to leave some fun to him so I would throw a cryo grenade at the big bots and then pulse them while he sliced away at them. The tough part is with the regular soldiers, they died so fast. I tried to just limit my shots to hammer shots, but habit took over. I think he had a good time.

Funny enough, he said he had done it before but he did

I have to say it was pretty slick. Quiet a few different paths could have been taken for the story.

edit: oh and it did take us a while to figure out how to do the bonus. Didn't realise we both had to work at the same time. I don't think you can get your companion to do it.

2nd edit: I was too embarrassed to mention this, but I actually died during the operation. I don't think this is to spoilery, but we had to jump down a shaft and I missed the last platform and dropped to the ground and died.
I rushed a group through it as a Level 40 Sentinel. :P

I offered to slow down and let them kill mobs but they wanted to get through it. So. Works out in the end. Just be talkative?
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