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For this to be done i have gotten my character to level 17.

Second if you are a free to play player then i would use Kira Carsen for this.Not T7 be cause it seem T7 does not have enough damage output from what i see.

Here is a couple of tips i learned when facing iron fist.

When you start have your companion attack first to distract him.

Then when your companion is distracting him you attack from behind.

Here is another tip

When he starts his air raid attack or what ever its called.

Make your companion stop attacking and start running around the room.He will still be focused on your companion.

Be for you start up attacking him again after his air raid attack.Make sure your companion goes first since you are stronger.

With a level 14 character i have had him down half way dead.With this tactic it is better to be at level 17 or higher to do this.

Oh and i was a Jedi Sentinel when i beat him alone.With just basic stuff.