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12.25.2011 , 12:30 PM | #1
Hi I feel so disappointed with taris's leveling system for single player, i know other players may have been fine, but from my experience it was bad. I did my single player storyline's and I was still 2 levels behind moving on to the next phase of the campaign, up until now their was enough content to be the right level when you finished the main storyline and move on to the next planet, but with taris it feels like Bioware just said ah let's just to a load of heroic and flashpoint missions and leave it at that, now i don't know about you but at a high level takes a lot and gaining 2 levels from 33 onwards is a lot of killing involved, to me it's a shame because the storyline i love and it kept pace with leveling up too this point, and now for the fist time the game seems repetitive. Please Bioware add some more single player missions to Taris so we can level up and move on.