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05.30.2014 , 01:20 PM | #8
I'm loving the clean 4 block rotation that includes MV, but I have a few questions on implementation.

1) Per my calculations and experimentation, this doesn't seem to be heat neutral rotation. Even with the heat reduction cooldowns, I'm running into heat issues after about 500K damage from this rotation. Am I doing it wrong and this should be sustainable with good execution and proper use of cooldowns? If I am not screwing it up somehow, how do you/would you guys adjust the rotation? There aren't any extra IPs to replace with HS, so the only options I see that would help would be to replace MV or the occasional HiB (or unprocced SS?) with HS. I'm leaning towards skipping every other MV.

2) Since this spec is mostly used in PVE raids for AOE fights with adds, do you change the rotation for more AOE when adds are up? Perhaps by replacing HiB with Explosive Dart (sorry for PT term) when one or more additional targets are in range? Even with the HiB auto crit and armor pen, ED should still do more damage than HiB and adding it is heat neutral I think. if I assume flame sweep is too heat intensive and rotation disruptive to use even with many adds up, right?