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05.23.2014 , 05:37 PM | #34
Hi. I am a paying subscriber, and (another) one of several representatives for the Begeren Colony Roleplay community.

We have had to cancel and move our weekly social RP events out of game for a solid month now, multiple weekly events that have been going on for nearly two years standing, because of the cross faction-chat bug. We are certainly not the only server nor roleplay community suffering.

(The bug in question- /say chat does not show in the chatbox, even to the local client, when there are cross faction players nearby.)

Over the last four weeks our attendance has dwindled, our members have drifted to other games, participation even in basic gameplay has diminished to a standstill as the reason we all play- to play the game as a community and create story across-factions, is nigh impossible because of this bug.

RP is not the only thing affected by such a breakdown in communication either, I am certain your standard player-base is also upset they cannot talk with their cross faction friends fluidly within the game client.

It would do our community as a whole, as well as the many other roleplay communities & affected players out there, a great deal of good to have some clear and direct explanation as to what is being done on this bug.

One month of, what is for us, a game-breaking issue, is a fast way to lose clients. That we are even still playing shows we can be patient, but without some communication and clarity from those working to fix this issue, even our patience can only hold so long.

Please let us know what is being done on this fix. Thank you for your time.
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