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Again WTH are you talking about. Every weapon in the game counts as a full hit no matter if its a graze or not. I will also point out the extreme accuracy is the only way you can hit anything at close ranges because of the weird tracking penalty behaviors that occur at extreme close range.
What he wants to say -I believe- is that an actual shotgun in a game shouldn't be single target with accuracy checks. It should be an AoE with diminished damage according to both range and how much of centered the target his (the grazing thing).

Personally, I think we can't make an actual shotgun in this game. However I think we can make a kind of one, but it would need some limitations that BLC has not. I think that if shotguns should be in the game, it should be a weapon category with its own limitations and tactics, not a cannon with approximately similar damage capacity.

It's true that BLC upgrades are too strong, there's not even an upgrade that is not really offensive, and the higher crit chances are a direct consequence... But IMO, cannons should be cannons. They all should similar, only differentiating with range, and whether its better centered or off-centered.
BLC here is too particular in my opinion. It has its own conditions and counters clearly different from other cannons.
The conditions aren't that hard, and since the way to counter is different (not turning but maintaining respectable distance when possible), how to say it... The level of reactivity and "cleverness" needed to counteract are not at a regular level, even without systems abilities, and result in take your much bigger damage or die... Well, it's stepping in the world of "potentially OP" on its own, when just accounting its damage profile.