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Wow! You know the drill. XD
For the love of god, is separating a quote into blocks to damn hard for people?

Right now it has the highest accuracy of anything >500m available to the cattlescout.
BLC at <500m is 123% accuracy, at 500m to 3000m it has 93% accuracy and at 3000 to 4000m it has a staggering 78% accuracy.
Every single primary weapon in the game has better accuracy than BLC at ranges >500m, the only exception is RFL and that's only for 500m to 3000m.

It also has a potentially huge tracking pattern. If I nick someone with a side-blast from those BLCs, it counts for full damage. That wouldn't be the case with an actual shotgun-style blaster if it follows a combat shotgun's blueprint. If the engine can't handle a scaling blast cone, it stands to reason to dial down close-range accuracy a smidge
Again WTH are you talking about. Every weapon in the game counts as a full hit no matter if its a graze or not. I will also point out the extreme accuracy is the only way you can hit anything at close ranges because of the weird tracking penalty behaviors that occur at extreme close range.

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