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Wow! You know the drill. XD

Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI View Post
No sh*t its insansely good with offensive cooldowns, me and several other posters have already stated that the issue with cattlescout's potency is directly linked to the available offensive cooldowns, not with the primaries themselves. Congrats?

No sh*t again. Congrats again, then!

Ok lesion on shooting since you really don't have a clue. When tracking a moving target, it becomes more difficult to hit the closer the target is, because you have to turn faster in order to track smaller movements. At longer ranges such a 5k a target that moves around 1k laterally, is about a inch movement across my screen, at <500m a 1k movement puts the target completely off of my screen. The reaction time required to track an opponent who is trying to evade or hell moving at all isn't humanly possible at <500m. The only time targets are hit at <500m are on very lucky shots or on extremely slow targets like bombers, stationary and oblivious gunships, and targets flying in a straight line.

So you want to make them even worse? Look, if I can do it, it can't be THAT difficult.

ok so you want to make it so a weapon that is only effective at close ranges, unable to hit things at close ranges. Right now it has the highest accuracy of anything >500m available to the cattlescout. It also has a potentially huge tracking pattern. If I nick someone with a side-blast from those BLCs, it counts for full damage. That wouldn't be the case with an actual shotgun-style blaster if it follows a combat shotgun's blueprint. If the engine can't handle a scaling blast cone, it stands to reason to dial down close-range accuracy a smidge (which can be gained back with TT, might I add - try other components sometime! They're interesting!)GENIUS I try to impress. Anything further? This was fun! -bp