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First: According to Dulfy, those things hit for around 933 or so at 500m. Combine that with Blaster Overcharge and maxed-out plasma rocket pods, and it's absolutely no surprise cattlescout pilots like Scrab get the kills they do. (Piloting skill does help, but I can tell you from personal experience that it's not strictly necessary to have.)
No sh*t its insansely good with offensive cooldowns, me and several other posters have already stated that the issue with cattlescout's potency is directly linked to the available offensive cooldowns, not with the primaries themselves.

Second: The BLC is clearly meant to fill a combat shotgun role. If you want effectiveness at range with a firearm, selecting a shotgun is probably not going to get you there as fast as a rifle would. So, the BLC really isn't supposed to be that effective at range.
No sh*t again.

Third: Fighting at within 1000m is kinda the cattlescout's bread and butter. I don't know how you fly yours, but without exception, every competent cattlescout pilot on the Ebon Hawk is a close-range blast-and-bolt fighter.
Ok lesion on shooting since you really don't have a clue. When tracking a moving target, it becomes more difficult to hit the closer the target is, because you have to turn faster in order to track smaller movements. At longer ranges such a 5k a target that moves around 1k laterally, is about a inch movement across my screen, at <500m a 1k movement puts the target completely off of my screen. The reaction time required to track an opponent who is trying to evade or hell moving at all isn't humanly possible at <500m. The only time targets are hit at <500m are on very lucky shots or on extremely slow targets like bombers, stationary and oblivious gunships, and targets flying in a straight line.

Finally, the BLC is ALREADY inferior to all of its competing loadout options beyond 500m (and STILL inferior to LLC within 500m). So there won't be any change. The situation you describe is already reality.
So you want to make them even worse?

But I could see just reducing BLC's damage by 10% if its ridiculous 115% aim at close range were looked at. I mean, I get what they're thinking ("it must be accurate at close range because shotgun!"), but anyone who's ever trained with a combat shotgun will tell you lethality at close range comes from having A) heavy shot and B) aiming squarely at center mass. Even being a little off to the side can mean the difference between wounded attacker and corpse.
ok so you want to make it so a weapon that is only effective at close ranges, unable to hit things at close ranges. GENIUS

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