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I think that following this path is going astray with the initial objective.
Removing the ability to deal with turrets is one thing... But isn't the main reason of this discussion the fact it obliterates with much more ease than every other cannons about every ships, which mainly have little to no armor ?
Removing amror pen doesn't solve anything when the victims have almost inexistant armor. That's why it is unimportant and misleading.

In addition I'd really like that much for BLC to be balanced for what it is : a weapon. As such, it can potentially be installed on every ship category. At the moment it's not, but maybe one day we'll see a strike with them for example. So if we try to balance it with scouts in mind, the risk is that the weapon may be useless on every actual and future non Scout ship that have access to them.

I find it dommageable trying to balance it according to a particular ship.

Side Note : I also think that turrets suffer from design issues that they need to be changed... I am even tempted to think we shouldn't have them anymore.
Fair enough. Doesn't change my point that battlescouts can choose the best offensive loadout for dogfighting without any cost to their performance in ability to kill armored targets. Where's the logic in allowing a scout, a ship that's supposed to specialize in a particular type of combat, to have multirole versatility that doesn't come at the price of losing some of the specialization capability?

It might not solve BLCs themselves but it might help with the battlescout's offensive if they had to choose between cluster missiles for optimal dogfighting against minimally armored targets or rocket pods for some capability against armored targets.
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