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its just me here, learning to play. solo ranked arena

im curious if the strats you use are class specific.
im having major difficulties downing certain classes, especially when the player is actually good.

-2 assassins i cant see to survive the chain stun death
what do you do?

-2 powertechs
how do you handle it?

im starting to think there are alternate strats to use as per class u are facing.

gunslinger is so hard and i just dont wanna give up and re roll...
theres gotta be a way to be the bessst everrr!
Solo Ranked isn't really something you can take seriously. You want to get on a team and then strategize with those players. You can't really communicate with solo ranked because your not in TS with your team and also you have no idea what your team makeup is going to be. there are certain classes that are very favorable in solo ranked over others. I would just have fun and learn as you go but if you are really serious about team strategies try to get on a team with players on TS and play team ranked.