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It's the same mood as in the 2nd half of ROTS....Watching the final 2 episodes I was simply astounded that the Jedi Council didn't bother to do any sort of investigation of their own (besides Anakin's), and they just gladly handed her's hard to have any hope in an organization that's meant to protect, yet they wouldn't even protect their own.

I am gonna go off-topic kind of but, if you think about it, the JC's attitude is what failed the Republic. Their hesitation to act in certain key moments is what led to their downfall. Their double standards, and stubbornness is quite irritating and foolish.

I hope Disney will do something with her in the future, cause it seems such a waste to end her story in the way that they have....
The presentation is deliberate, if perhaps a little exaggerated.

It would be nice to have a novel about her or something, and its definitely possible, if not likely.