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The point wolf was trying to make was that Anakin was the better duelist and the stronger force user, but his mentality got in his way.
Then that has to be counted as a weakness on Anakin's part that can be exploited, as he would with an opponent who's lightsaber Form did not match up favorably with his own. That's like a basketball team with great talent always shooting themselves in the foot because of foolish mistakes, the always untimely turnover, making the wrong decision in various situations, never exploiting a switch on which they have the advantage, or throwing all their marbles in on living and dying with the 3. The Thunder may be a more talented team that the Spurs but I would say most of the people would give the Spurs the advantage because they play the game better, team basketball, no one on one and poor half court offense. Anakin's mentality has to be accounted in his skill.
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