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Korriban and Tython are a little tougher, in the sense that you can --and depending on party-composition, should-- make judicious use of CCs on some trash packs (the Champions on the way to the end-boss rooms, cuz they have groups --sometimes Elite-- of weenies), and use proper kill order. Oh, and your party's Marau-durrrr?

They need to like, not break CC on those Champs until the weenies are dead, or nearly so.

The Czerka trash is pretty much pure AoE-party, on the other hand. (TSO ---> Fusion Missile ---> DFA ---> Sweeping Guns ---> everything's turned into floor-pizza).

Maybe I'm just constantly grouping with bads --what a surprise-- but nobody does all the things you say in my groups, and the boss just keeps chasing me, threat-dump and/or stopping DPS be damned. I should just maybe try solo'ing this **** again (Corp. Labs was piss-easy to solo before they fixed the droid-adds, haven't tried since, but I don't end up face-tanking that one as often. I don't know if Meltdown really can be solo'ed, though (never tried, and the Big Guys(TM) in that one hit quite hard.)

I didn't say I'm always, or even often dying --I go splat on occasion, but not too often-- just that I'm finding it annoying as hell, and that got me thinking about...well...the whole premise of this thread, basically.

(Oh, and BoBFredWhatever, who said anything about bugs? This is about high-level design limitations; One may be informed/directly caused by the other, but one doesn't automatically imply the other, and they're certainly not the same things.)

Yeah, the tag for those is [GROUP 2] Flashpoint. And sure enough, I've PuGged a few where it was just me, one other player, and our companions...And those usually went much better than some...errrrm...memorable...full group runs.

What does that tell you
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