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Well, they did not discard it all together. It is understandable that they want to avoid it given how people on PvE servers whine about getting killed in Rakghould Tunnels etc., but I think that there still might be room for PvP missions.
All that would be needed is to make those missions level based, so that there are no rewards for ganking low level players (and that there are rewards for killing players around your level), and all those "nasty PvPers" can do is annoy people by not letting them get to the objectives, and thus guiding guilds to do these things in groups, as it is meant to.
rakghoul plague sucked, it made getting through alderaan even worse than it already was.

alderaan is the worst planet of all my opinion, and here is why i hate it:

soundtrack: some kind of odd rustic/medieval crap. they captured the feel of the planet with the music, which automatically made the music suck.

environment: the environment is earth-like, which lacks originality and wonder because we see earth all the time! the whole place is covered in snow, and the odd bluish white glow given off by the snow, sky, and artificial structures alike, all at once hurts my eyes.

global situation: noble houses, really?! why not LARP around with people in elf costumes? even if they made alderaan accurate to star wars, i still hate it. i hate the politics and the fact every damn thing on the walls, ceiling, or floor is either gold or red in color. everyone on the planet is either a killik joiner, a rich snob, or a backstabbing noble.

anywaym the people on alderaan have to get through their story lines, and it sure isn't fun when plague bearers jump out from under every vendor tent or other key location, express their dissatisfaction in you with a RAAAAWR that all enemy npcs make a variant of when you invade their personal space. the plague bearers then chase you on your mount for quite some distance. then you have to buy a 1250 credit vaccine to clean your wounds if you get bit, which sucks for 28-32ers who lack the income of the mainly 55ers who go to the event. the vaccine, despite lasting for at least an hour, doesn't last through death, unlike the plague itself.

sometimes, but rarely, pvpers will attack if they find you walking around flagged, so "nasty pvpers" can be used in the sense that they'll kill anyone they can a lot of times. usually two groups of enemy 55ers hang out at your faction's outpost, after killing every guardian NPC in the place. they usually sit around, loitering. you are safe so long as you don't think you can take out a lone 55er with the help of a few other mid-level players, because the friendlies around you die quick and there is always 1 to 2 stealthers nearby. you can't go to medcenter because you're AT the medcenter. so you spam your infinite medical probes, each with a bigger cooldown than the last, until you get over the sand dune, mount up, and ride like the wind! then you repair your 85% durability armor for most of your credits and learn from that experience.

i would like a "i just did something stupid, help me escape BW!" button usable instantly, but only when when flagged.

the only problem i had that was unsolvable, was on tat and i was doing a smuggler companion mission for corso. you always had to cross an imp outpost to get to it no matter what rout you took. i tried the probe-spamming technique, but the outpost guardians have extreme slows and stealth detection capable of seeing through probe stealth, disappearing act, and standard cloak, without saying so above their bars!!! they are all lined up perfectly as well!
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